Backyard Produce

Do you have extra fruit or veggies from your backyard? 

Come sell them at the market!  It’s easy and good fun!

We accept backyard fruits, vegetables, and herbs, as long as they are free of chemical pesticides and herbicides.

There are 3 easy options for backyard produce:

1. Sell at the Communal Produce Booth

If you would like to sell backyard produce, and don’t have your own booth, we have a Communal Produce Booth where you can sell your own backyard fruits and veggies!  Bring what you have, even if it’s just a few oranges, or a grocery bag full of squash.  The market fee for the Communal Produce Booth is just 15% of whatever you sell.

Just email our Backyard Produce Captain at backyard AT eatwellmarket DOT com to let her know you’re coming, then plan to arrive at the Market by noon to set up, and sell your produce for any stretch of time you like between noon-3pm.  If you want to leave early, you can take any leftover produce back home with you, or donate it to the market.

2. Drop It Off

If you prefer just to drop off produce and not sell it yourself,  we will gladly accept as a donation whatever backyard produce you can spare!  Your produce donation helps us build the infrastructure to bring more local backyard produce to market.  We’ve made it easy to donate – you can drop off your produce to the Communal Produce Booth at any time during Market hours (noon-3pm).

3. Get a Vendor Booth

And of course, vendors with their own booths are welcome to sell as much of their own backyard produce as they like!  For vendors with their own booths, the fee for backyard produce is the same as for all other products, just 8% of sales.


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